Casely Review


 The phone slips out of my hand. I watch in slow motion as it falls to the floor. It smacks face first onto the concrete. It’s the moment of truth. I slowly reach out my hand, acting like slowly picking it up will change the fate of my phone. I grab it, turn it around, and nothing. It’s perfectly fine. That’s all because of my case. 

Casely phone cases are prefect for clumsy people like me. I had the same case for the longest time, and I was on the hunt for a new one. What instantly drew me in was all of the deals that Casely had. All you have to do is put in your email address and spin a wheel for a coupon. My first time, I got a buy one, get one deal. The only thing about the deal is that you must use it within 15 minutes or the offer goes away.  

 For iPhones, they have options going all the way back to the iPhone 6. The website has the same designs in every phone generation you can imagine. Don’t you worry Samsung users, Casely has got you covered too. 

When you go to select a case, they have many options. I can guarantee you will find one you like. When you make your selection, you aren’t finished there. You have a choice of classic, bold, and even power. If you consider yourself a very clumsy person, I would recommend the bold option. It has a thicker edge and it doesn’t just stop there. They have recently added a power option. If your phone is always dying and you always find yourself without a charger, this one is for you. Casely guarantees 100% power life in these cases, so you get the extra charge and the protection. 

One thing about these cases is that they do get scratched quite easily. They are only noticeable if you really pay attention to every detail. They will still manage to get compliments.  

 Prices can get high if you don’t take advantage of the deals that they have. They always have some sort of deal going on. Along with their site-wide sales, they always have their wheel of fortune, where you can get one out of a variety of deals. Casely has yet to fail me, so I highly recommend these cases.