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Mia Anderson is Missing

Molly Bravo
Artist captured: Molly Bravo

           The harsh snow fell on Mia Anderson’s lifeless body. If there weren’t multiple wound marks located on her abdomen, the cause of death could easily pass as hypothermia. The snow was building on top of her, covering the tracks of the suspect’s works. Mia’s body was left hidden and untouched, no one could find her. Who did this? Who could have killed the beloved Mia Anderson in the small-town of Washington, Connecticut? 

           Washington used to be a quiet and cozy town with around 3000 people living in it. Now missing signs for the adolescent covered the town, and whispers spread. The city was rapidly gaining attention from the missing girl. People were spreading rumors that maybe she ran away, or that she was hiding from something; the idea that she killed herself went around too. However, no one dared to mention the thought of homicide, but it lingered in the back of everyone’s mind.  

           “She’s got to be doing this for attention. How much do you want to bet she’ll be back next week?” Elliot said. 

           “No way! I know her, and she wouldn’t do that,” Claire said. 

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           “20 dollars—she seems nice though. I haven’t heard anything bad about her.” Maisie said. 

           Everybody knew each other in the town, or at least knew of each other. The small community’s high school was old and rusted, but everyone claimed it was part of the town’s history, so no one ever wanted to fix it. The high school had cliques like every other one. Elliot, Claire, Maisie, and Daniel made up one of the “geek squads” and they called themselves the “Little Freaks.” Most people called them freaks, so that’s kind of where the nickname originated from. Most of the time they talked about music or movies, but lately they couldn’t seem to stop talking about Mia. 

           “Guys, you know what we should do? We should try and find her, and see if she’s really doing it for attention,” Daniel said. 

           “I don’t know, that sounds kind of sketchy,” Maise said. 

           “Yeah, like what if we walk into a trap or something,” Elliot said. 

           “I kind of like the idea. Imagine, we do find her, our name will be plastered over the news, ‘The Little Freaks save Mia Anderson’s life’,” Claire said as her eyes widened. 

            The group’s ideas became electrified after hearing that they could be on the news.  

           “Guys let’s go right now, so we can get her while she’s still breathing,” Daniel said smirking. 

           “Are you sure, this kind of sounds like a bad idea, you never know what we could find?” Maise said, trying not to make eye contact with the group.  

           “Maise, why are you always so scared, we’re probably not even going to find her,” Claire said.  

           “Fine, but I’m only staying out for a little,” Maise said getting up.  

            As the group left Elliot’s small home, Claire and Daniel were excited, feeling satisfied with the rush of adrenaline the uncertainty gave them. Meanwhile, Maise and Elliot were starting to regret their decision to meddle in the delicate search for Mia.  

            “Alright first stop is the woods!” Claire said, and the group followed her. The soft snow crunched at each step that was taken. It was starting to get dark out, and the trees were casting shadows along the unpigmented ground. 

           “Guys, is it just me or are you getting the chills?” Elliot said as his teeth shuttered.  

           “Bro, you’re probably getting the chills, because it’s like negative ten degrees outside,” Daniel said rolling his eyes. 

           “Yeah, it’s getting kind of cold, maybe we should go in. We’ve searched enough tonight. I don’t want to mess up the police’s tracks on the case,” Maise said kicking in the snow.  

           As her foot traced the ground, the soft white powder uprooted from the dirt, revealing new unsettling evidence of Mia’s tragedy. Claire’s eyes locked into an unbreakable stare at the sight of what looked like a distorted body. Appalled at what she had just seen, she let out a loud gasp, gripping everyone’s attention.  

           “Bro, look! Is that a body?” Claire screamed. 

           “Guys, I knew this wasn’t a good idea!” Daniel said, pulling at his sandy hair. 

            “No, guys it’s just a dead deer. Clam down,” Maise pleaded. Her face flushed with a red heat of guilt that crawled throughout her body. 

           “Maise, are you blind? Move out of the way, that may be Mia!” Claire wept.  

           Maise stumbled as Elliot pushed her away from blocking the figure. Elliot bent down and started fumbling with the body, trying to drag it out of the snow.  

           “No way, it IS Mia,” Elliot said in shock. He sat there on his knees, and his hands by his sides. He was too shocked to move. 

           “Maise, why were you trying to hide this from us,” Daniel asked. 

           “Did you stab Mia? Why would you do something like this?” Claire cried.  

           “No, it’s not what it looks like, trust me,” Maise said. 

           “No, we have all the evidence we need Maise. Guys, let’s go, she’s a freak,” Elliot stated. 

           “Stop, wait! Don’t tell anyone please. I didn’t mean to; it was an accident,” Maise lied. 

           “Accident or not Maise, we have to tell someone. You’re crazy,” Claire said, while leading the group back to the streets.  

           The walk back was silent, yet everyone couldn’t calm their minds. Maise was left in the forest, with her stabbed victim. The group didn’t care to ask Maise what was going through her head to kill Mia Anderson. All they wanted to do was get justice for Mia and tell the cops. Soon the word spread, and even more lies were told. Maise was the only one who knew what truly happened. Why did she kill Mia Anderson? Nobody knew, and the small town was begging for answers that for years would remain unrequited. 

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