The Note

One night, a woman named Marley went into her home after work thinking that it would be a normal night. She slides her shoes off and pets her dog who is so excited to see his human. She walks into her kitchen and gets a glass, puts freezing cold water into the glass. She takes one sip of her water before she sits it down, and heads into the bathroom to take a quick shower so she can start cooking dinner for herself.

She walks into her bedroom, sets out a comfy pair of pajamas for herself and heads into her bathroom. Everything is completely normal, hearing nothing but the normal noises in her apartment. Her dogs’ paws hitting the wooden floor, the hushed tv in the background, and the cars honking on the roaring streets.

After picking up her body wash. Then all of a sudden, she heard keys jiggling near her front door. No one had keys to her apartment but herself, not even her parents. She turns off the water and grabs a towel, wrapping it around her body as she grabs the closest thing next to her, the hair dryer that was sitting on the counter top.

Walking out slowly of her bedroom, seeing her dog just sitting on the couch looking out the window she kept open for him. Turning the corner swiftly and seeing absolutely nothing differently. Every single item in the same spot, not an inch moved. Going into the kitchen with full energy to see someone in there, not a single soul but her and her dog.

Calming down and going to drink the water she had poured herself earlier, not a single drop of water was left. The counter is too tall for the dog to reach and if he did the glass would be knocked over. Someone was in here, but where in the hell did they go? She turned around to get a new glass of water and she had a note sitting right next to her refrigerator saying, “Watch yourself and your next moves” with blood on the notes on where the person had been touching it.

Scared out of her mind, she quickly put clothes on, grabbed her dog and left. Left everything in her apartment behind, just to find a safe place to stay. But she will never know if she is safe or where there would be no threat. She was stranded with nowhere else to go, terrified of someone she doesn’t even know. It could be anyone, and she has to find somewhere safe for her to go, make it all on her own.