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The Unpaved Path


The soft ground molds my print. 

It is smooth and steady until 

overgrown prickly bushes mingle across my path. 

Tall oak trees sway with ease,  

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tangled in each others’ branches as the neglected grass dances 

with the wind. 


I stop, hesitant to go on or to turn back. 

Nerves crawling up my skin. 

Yearning to explore yet the creeping sensation lingered; 

I could get lost in the deep unknown. 

The hefty decision weighed on my chest 

as I listened to my soft breaths in the silence. 


This Unpaved path must lead to uncharted land. 

I take it climbing decayed branches, 

pushing away the bloated newly grown vines. 

I see dark shadows casting along large boulders  

as I wedge my way through a lump of uncertainty. 

I began to hear a soft thrum like the sound of rushing water. 


The sound beckons me forward pushing through the forestry 

to reveal a sparkling, crystal blue, drizzling on the  

sharp edged rocks along the sandy shore. 

The fresh smell of sweetness and cleanliness overwhelms me. 

It hangs in the air heavily as I sighed softly, grateful 

I took the Unpaved Path. 

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Joee Serafin
Joee Serafin, Reporter
Joee Serafin is a sophomore in her first year of journalism. She loves to write and read. The reason she joined journalism was because she wanted to learn more about writing and be able to expand her ability to write with different topics. She also does Cross Country for Sequoyah.

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