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The Venture Down the Second Path


I stare down two roads; 

both worthwhile, 

but with different outcomes. 


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One with a home, 

a sense of familiarity— a safe place. 

The other with great reward 

but a challenging journey. 


The first will safely evade 

all obstacles thrown at me; 

ensuring a life away from uncertainty. 


Yet—I cannot help but be lured to the second. 

The rocky pavement, 

although filled with trials and tribulations, 

is thrown to the center of the world. 


Before me are strangers waiting to be met, 

places begging to be explored, and 

new smells waiting to be sought. 


It is liberating 

to belong nowhere, 

yet retain the ability 

to go anywhere. 


Experiencing every emotion the world has to offer; 

as impossible as the Himalayas, 

or as arduous as the Andes. 


To make connections 

and reject expectations. 

Beckoning to be sought out 

and leading the life I was destined to live. 

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About the Contributor
Nour Dahou
Nour Dahou, Reporter
Nour Dahou is a sophomore, and this is her first year on the Evergreen Magazine staff. She joined the magazine because she loves writing and has been her strong suit compared to other subjects. She loves to watch movies and write opinion pieces on them. 

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