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Why Everybody Should Be Reading

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           Reading expands our knowledge in remarkable ways. When we immerse ourselves in a book, we delve into a world of information and ideas. Whether it’s a non-fiction book about history or a novel that takes us on a captivating journey, reading enables us to gain new insights, broaden our perspectives, and constantly learn and grow.  

           Not only does reading provide us with valuable information, but it also sharpens our critical thinking skills. As we engage with different narratives and arguments, reading encourages us to analyze, evaluate, and form our own opinions. It nurtures our ability to think independently, exercise discernment, and take part in constructive dialogue. Reading transforms the great “thinkers” into “doers” of the world.  

           Reading also nurtures empathy and understanding. Through the pages of a book, we encounter characters from diverse backgrounds, facing various challenges and triumphs. This experience helps us develop a deeper sense of empathy, enabling us to relate to others and view the world through their perspectives. In a fractured world, reading builds bridges of empathy and compassion, fostering a more inclusive society. 

           Reading enthusiast, Sofia Conway, says that “I think a huge benefit of reading books is that it is a perfect way to become more aware of other perspectives and expand your world view, which is especially important for teenagers, since they have not yet been fully exposed to the diversity of the real world.” 

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           Opposing perspectives claim that reading is boring, but, J. K Rowling, the author of the acclaimed series Harry Potter, says, “if you don’t like to read, you simply haven’t found the right book.” I genuinely believe that there is a book for everyone and for most people it is just a matter of figuring out what you like.  

           In addition to its intellectual benefits, reading plays a pivotal role in enhancing our language skills. By regularly engaging ourselves in well-written literature, we expand our vocabulary, improve our grammar, and refine our writing abilities. Reading exposes us to different writing styles, enhancing our own linguistic repertoire. Proficient language skills, obtained through reading, empower us to express ourselves effectively and eloquently in various settings. 

           Furthermore, reading ignites our imagination and fuels creativity. When we read stories, we transport ourselves to different worlds, meet fascinating characters, and explore captivating plots. These stories serve as catalysts for our own creative thinking, inspiring us to dream big, question the status quo, and breathe life into our own narratives. The power of reading to kindle our imagination cannot be overstated. 

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Abby Quezada
Abby Quezada, Reporter
Abby Quezada is a sophomore, and this is her first year on the Evergreen Magazine staff. She joined because of her passion for writing and to be a part of something bigger than herself. Abby plays for the Sequoyah soccer team and dreams of one day being a professional. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and listening to music. 

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