Why Taylor Swifts’ new ‘Taylor’s Version’ is better than her original tracks


Michael Hicks, CC-BY 2.0

If you do not know who Taylor Swift is, you are quite literally living under a rock. Taylor Swift is an incredible singer and songwriter with a career than spans nearly 15 years. Swift recently re-released her albums “fearless” and “Red.” She also re-released one of her most amazing songs, “wildest dreams.” These albums were owned by Big Machine, which is an American independent record label. Therefore, Swift did not own them herself. Taylor Swift decided to re-record and re-release these albums so that she owned them. She calls her re-releases “Taylor’s Version” –which I think is much better than her original releases of the albums.

The first thing that makes Taylor’s Version better is the maturity in her vocals. Her voice has gotten deeper which makes her songs sound different and gives off a deeper meaning because it feels truer to the meaning of some of her songs. Her mature vocals greatly balance out the higher pitch and upbeat songs such as “22.”

Her re-releasing of her albums gives listeners the opportunity to relive what they felt when they were younger listening to her songs. Now they are older and can enjoy the songs like it was their first time listening with a whole new experience. It also entices the listeners more because they can find the changes in her with her vocals and her music. I love listening to her new versions and pulling out things I notice because she has progressed in her music career so much.

One of the amazing things about Taylor’s Version is not just the remakes of old songs you have already heard. She has released new songs listeners have not ever heard of. She calls them “Out of the Vault” songs. Which is awesome and gives me something to look forward to when listening to Swift. I can enjoy these new songs knowing that she has had them made for a while, which to me is interesting to think about and is cool that she decided to share those songs with us along with the re-releases.

A couple of years ago Swift released a song with her Red Album called “All too well.” This song was originally a very long length until she had to cut it down to normal length, about three to four minutes. With her now re-recording and re-publishing her songs, she decided to release the original ten-minute version of “All too well.” This got many fans excited, especially me. This song contains so many strong verses just like all her other songs, such as “And there we are again when nobody had to know” and “You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath.” However, with the ten-minute version, fans’ eyes were opened to the emotion of the song “All too well.” This song was very relatable for many people in countless ways — rejection, pain, sadness, anger, and break-up guilt. This new, heartfelt single drew listeners in and made them enjoy this song more passionately. This helps them recognize how they feel and that they are not the only ones feeling this way. Swift does a wonderful job at achieving relatable and heartfelt songs but due to the length of this song those emotions were incredibly profound.

Taylor Swift is an incredible artist; I honestly do not understand how anyone could not like her. She is so incredibly talented as a singer and songwriter. She captures her emotions and puts it into words beautifully. Her deciding to re-release these songs was a genius decision and benefits listeners and herself in many ways. Overall, Taylor’s Version is superior to her first releases.