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Colin Campbell: The 2023 Student Section Leader and Face of Sequoyah

Noah Popp

           “Chiefs on what? Chiefs on top!” roared the student section at the first home game of the season. Led by senior Colin Campbell, the students were fired up. With a ton of pressure on this team’s back, the SHS Varsity team captured the lead against Cedartown. Keeping their foot on the gas, varsity won 14-10. The school was buzzing, and morale was high as we went into our next game.  

           Senior Colin Campbell became the student section leader this year following in the footsteps of last year’s leader, Julius Walker.  

           “I wanted to become the leader because it allow[ed]…for more immers[ion] with the school and create[ed] greater bonds…with the faculty and fellow students,” Walker said.  

           Over the years Campbell has been to many Varsity football games. Seeing the high energy, school spirit, and passion for football also inspired him to become a leader. He has previously had leadership roles through baseball and leading two big clubs at school. He currently co-leads Plans to Prosper and Journey club.  

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           “Plans to Prosper allows me to gather with Christians like myself that wish to dive into the word and spiritually challenge themselves. Journey Club is a way for students in high school to mentor elementary kids and teach them how to be leaders and role models,” Campbell said. 

           At school, Campbell uses his leadership skills to help advertise the football games each week. With a variety of themes over the season, he is sure to dress up each Friday and go all out. One of the fan favorites is his iconic black and gold striped overalls which can be seen on the school Instagram. 

           “I reach out to other students to ensure a large student section [turnout] as well as buy clothing and accessories for the theme. I [typically] shop at Target, Party City, and Amazon for my clothes,” Campbell said. 

           Before each game, Campbell feels great anticipation, as he views it as his responsibility to raise the energy of the student section. His senior school spirit also plays a huge role.  

           “My favorite thing about being the section leader is having the opportunity to display the passion and love I have for our school, and cheering on my friends and classmates as they do the things they love. I dedicate the most time into creating a community surrounding the events that take place at our school” Campbell said. 

           Junior Seth Pettett was in the student section Instagram/TikTok videos with Campbell at the beginning of the season. They are great friends and have had a well-bonded relationship with each other over the years.  

           “I think Colin is one of the best student section leaders…because he is very confident and good at public speaking. He is also a very likeable person and well respected which causes other students to listen to him. He knows how to have a good time while also being respectful to those around him. Colin always brings tons of energy, he turns the game into a fun and exciting event to go to every Friday night,” Pettett said. 

           The game he most looked forward to this year was playing cross-town rival Cherokee. 

           “Our rivalry has just become so great over the past few years,” Pettett said. 

           Campbell’s favorite memory of his high school career from last year at South Paulding. Campbell said that even though they lost, he got to share time with some of his best friends. He sought to make this year have the same feel as that game—high energy and lots of fun.  

           With the season ending, Campbell wants to leave an impact on the students, staff, and football lovers of Hickory Flat. And as a final note, Campbell wants the class of 2025 to carry on the legacy. 

           “I want to show the class of 2025 that you should never be embarrassed to cheer as loud and as proud as you can, or to not feel anxious about showing your spirit at school.” 

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