Q&A with Abbi Lazcko: Creative Outlets for a Creative Mind

Junior Reporter Olivia Sneed, interviewed Junior Abbi Lazcko about all things related to her music endeavors; like how she started getting into the music scene and things she does to stay in the zone.

Q: Which did you start with first, music or art?

A: “I started music a couple of years ago, but I started working on art first.”

Q: What initially made you interested in music?

A: “One of my friends [performs music] and he kind of introduced me to other people who could get my music out. He encouraged me to go out and go for it.”

Q: Which do you like better, art or music?

A: “I definitely like music better.”

Q: Were you passionate about music before you started creating it?

A: “Yes, I always liked [music].”

Q: What genre of music do you make?

A: “I make everything, but I mostly make rock and rap style songs.”

Q: Do you plan on pursuing music as a professional career?

A: “I definitely [plan to pursue music in my future].”

Q: Has creating music helped you in your mental health?

A: “It definitely helped my mental state. In music I can say the things I want to without saying it aloud. I also feel like it helps other people out too. It helps [calm] my ADHD too.”

Q: How exactly do you think it has helped your ADHD, could you go more in depth with that?

A: “Before music, I could not focus on one thing or [one] activity, but when I started creating [music], I could only focus on that. With music, I hyperfocus on it so I do not switch activities. It is like all the sounds and noises disappear around me.”

Q: Switching to art, what form of art do you like to create the most?

A: “Drawing and painting. You can do so much creatively with both [art and music]; I am better at drawing though.”

Q: Where do you gain influence for your drawings?

A: “One of the artists I look up to is Keith Haring. His work is really cool.”

Q: When creating art, do you prefer a more structured environment, like a class, or a no assignment structure?

A: “I definitely like doing it on my own more because I feel like when someone is telling me to [work on art], I am not as creative.”

Q: Do you think your family is creative? If so, do you think your family’s creative abilities have influenced you growing up?

A: “Yeah, my entire family is artistic, but my older brother is very artistic. It definitely inspired me [to pursue art and get involved with music] growing up.”