The One

You never viewed me as one. 

One that you cherish, 

one that you love,  

one that you value. 


Never one of those 

who held a piece of your heart. 

Never one of those  

that you loved from the start. 


Instead, you kept me caged 

inside those bars. 

Just a little bird with broken wings,  

cage open right where he expects me to be. 


I wasn’t ever one 

that was really true. 

Not fun enough 

even for you. 


Every step to heaven 

was three pulls down to hell. 

Where I would count to seven,  

while you watch me from below. 


Even my lucky number, 

of power and love, 

just continuously triggered thunder. 

No rain fell, just strikes in the desert. 


But have you ever had one 

that you truly admire? 

Or are we all just a tinder 

that you throw into your pit of fire? 


It was stupid of me, 

to have hopes and dreams, 

imagining all that we could be. 

It was just a part of your daily schemes. 


So, I certainly wasn’t an option, 

especially when you tore it apart. 

I guess this was just for a moment, 

and I was never the one.