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From Catwalks to Sidewalks

Yogendra Singh

           Low rise jeans, statement belts, vintage wear, and numerous other types of clothing have resurfaced recently as each has had their moment to shine as a trend. As sidewalks have become runways, a perfectly curated outfit can be seen on every street corner, and everyday life has become an opportunity to express oneself through their style. Seeing as trends can come and go quickly, especially in the sense of fashion, one question is often asked: what is the next big thing? 

           Fashion trends have recently increased in pop culture as society encourages new and unique ways to express oneself. These trends can spread in countless ways, with one common form being social media. Scrolling through feeds, individuals have the ability to consume all sorts of personally curated content on a daily basis. Thus, when someone finds a popular post or picture of an outfit they like, they can easily adapt their style into that example.  

           The people who are often looked to for outfit inspiration are usually titled trend-starters. A well-known example of a trend starter is model Bella Hadid, whose “model off duty” looks have offered new ideas for women’s personal styles around the world. 

           The rise of street style has also influenced trends in 2024; to spread this style more drastically than earlier years. People have made an effort to communicate their personal styles by wearing well-thought-out outfits to mundane places such as the grocery store. As individuals with similar styles run into one another, it seems as though human nature causes people to somewhat “copy” certain design choices made by another person. Eventually, this cycle is repeated, whether it be in the real world or on social media, until a world-wide trend occurs.  

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           As new trends arise simultaneously with new seasons, it can be easier to decide which trends to follow in their early emergence due to the reach of social media. Often, there are fashion trends to match almost anyone’s personal style and preferences. With the popularization of different aesthetics, there are more opportunities for individuals to express themselves and curate closets designed specifically for themselves. 

           Fashion trends do not only exist for adults. With the spread of unique styles through day-to-day interactions and the use of social media, trends often make their way into schools to children and teenagers. These trends are occasionally the topics of debate and predictions for students as well, including sophomore Levi Robertson. 

            “I think we will see a lot of jorts this spring. You can style them in many ways, and I think they go with a lot of different types of styles,” Robertson said.  

           Jorts first saw their popularity as a counterculture movement in the 1960’s and have resurfaced, now including a broad spectrum of designs for both men and women. Whether it be a simple tank-top, t-shirt, or an all-out accessorized outfit, jorts can be tailored for many styles.  

           Social media has spread awareness of jorts in daily outfits, outfit ideas, and more. Now, these pieces of clothing are seen around every street corner as both women and men throughout the nation style them for spring.  

           Forms of social media such as TikTok and Instagram have not only spread the trend of jorts, but they have also created numerous other fashion statements as well. Freshman Juliana Matthews forecasts different designs that are making a comeback or getting the spotlight for the first time.  

           “I think we will definitely see the continuation of bows, lace, low-rise jeans, including wide-leg and/or bootcut, camouflage, cowboy boots, and Adidas. I think we will see a rise in collared button ups, statement belts, and cardigans,” Matthews said.  

           Social media has become a prime sponsor of the street-style movement in many different ways. With multiple styles, clothing designs, color combinations, and more, the internet is in a constant cycle of promoting fashion thus allowing a wide diversity in trends. This ranges from tops, to shoes, to accessories seen on streets today. 

           As the sun’s rays finally peek away from the brisk winter, new designs emerge tailored uniquely for everyone. Whether it be a newfound love for a specific design choice, or the sad departure of trends finding their way out of style, the cycle of new trends will offer a vast culture for one and all. As fashion has drifted from runways to street corners, it has become more apparent for trends to not only be influenced, but also supported as more individuals aim to express themselves in their own unique outfits. 

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