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Plans to Prosper

Rachel Coyne

           For some students, finding a club that they comfortably fit into can feel incredibly difficult; I was one of those students. I struggled to find an extracurricular where I felt like I belonged. I was very deliberate in picking one because I didn’t want to feel like an outsider to a group that I was voluntarily joining. If anything, feeling like an outsider would make me not want to continue participating in the school club.  

           This year, however, I had the opportunity to revamp Sequoyah’s Christian club— previously known as “First Priority”. My friend, Olivia Power, and I revamped it and renamed the club to reflect its goal. We both agreed that “Plans to Prosper” (PTP) was fitting as Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Our goal was to make this club feel like a community and a safe space for every student, regardless of their grade level or interests.  

           In PTP, we have guest speakers twice a month to share the word and a message that might be heavy on that speakers’ heart. Some of the speakers we have had are Jere Jones, Colin Campbell, and First Baptist Woodstock’s high school director Josh Stephenson. It amazes me how every speaker has different analyses and sermons about the Bible, all whilst worshipping the same God and maintaining the same beliefs. 

           Junior Reece Harper attends PTP every week and even attended a few meetings last year before the club was revamped. 

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           “I love the community and [the] welcoming environment Plans to Prosper provides,” Harper said, “[this year] it feels more organized and intentional, which I believe is why so many more people attend.” 

           Last year was my first time attending the club, and there was only one person running it aside from the teacher sponsor. On average, only about 5-10 people would attend. After advertising and organizing the club, we now average 30-40 people every week.  

           From my personal experience, PTP has made a significantly positive impact on my life. It has increased my confidence and ability to lead groups of people, because I do so almost every Tuesday. I also feel like my organizational skills have increased because I organize the activities and speakers each week. Doing all of this makes me feel like I am a part of a good cause that is not only positively benefiting myself, but all my peers as well. 

           Freshman Meili Davenport attends Plans to Prosper and elaborated on her favorite aspects about the club. 

           “My favorite [part is] learning different things each Tuesday, meeting new people, and hearing different people’s stories,” Davenport said. 

           Davenport has also been positively impacted in other areas of her life as well. Her spiritual journey has been impacted though Plans to Prosper. 

           “My relationship with God last year was lost, but after realizing how much God has impacted my life, I realized that I needed him the most,” Davenport said. 

           When I found out Davenport’s relationship with God was fortified after attending the newly designed club, it blew my mind. We might only meet for about 30 minutes every Tuesday, but I had no idea that time could impact someone’s life drastically. The fact that it could change someone’s entire perspective on God impacted me greatly. It made me want to introduce as many people as possible to God and to increase student morale as a result. 

           Overall, I feel like PTP has the potential to make a positive impact on our school, not just on the students who attend every week. My intention for this club is to make people feel welcomed and loved each week. I want to make it possible for them to learn the power of God’s love that we see every day in our society.

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