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Homecoming Week Sparks Excitement for Students


           A school dance is one of the few excuses for high school students to dress up in formal outfits and dance the night away with their friends. With the dress up themes, a parade, combined anticipation for the dance itself, and the homecoming football game, the week sparks various emotions throughout the student body.  

           Originally, the tradition of homecoming was created in the early 1900’s as a college event centered around a football game. It served as an invitation for alumni to return to their alma mater which is how it got the ‘homecoming’ name. Colleges usually hosted the football game, a parade, and other nostalgic events for their alumni to attend. Over time, the event grew in popularity, spreading to other schools and age ranges, with high schools eventually participating too. 

           In high school, homecoming has grown to be a week-long event. Throughout the week, the school-wide dress-up themes show off the creativity and school spirit of students. In recent years, some popular themes have included Teacher Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, and Mathlete or Athlete. However, on Friday’s, the dress-up theme is the same as the theme for the homecoming dance, with previous themes including Mardi Gras and Hollywood.  

           This year, the themes included Rhyme Without Reason on Monday, Country Versus Country Club on Tuesday, Tourists on Wednesday, Throwback Thursday (a popular theme each year), and the homecoming theme on Friday: candy land. Each day presents an opportunity for students to show off outfits that they do not usually wear and showcase their support for the school. Freshman Liam Jordan is a student that is planning to dress up during the themed days.   

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           “I am looking forward to country versus country club mainly because I actually have an outfit for it,” Jordan said, “I [also] want to see how divided the school is.” 

           In addition to Country vs. Country Club, another theme stuck out to him because of its humor and creativity.  

           “I am also looking forward to Monday, rhyme without reason, for the funny ideas,” Jordan said. 

           Similar to Jordan, sophomore Parker Ingram is also involved with spirit week and has been on homecoming court for two years in a row. He is also planning on participating in the dress-up themes throughout the week.  

           “I’m mostly looking forward to country versus country club because I have some cowboy boots that rarely come out of my room,” Ingram said. 

           Beyond the daily dress up themes, there is also a homecoming parade. Students from sports, clubs, and other activities march down the street or ride in floats, handing out candy to the local community. During the parade, the homecoming court is also showcased by riding in cars with the top open and the duos passing out candy to those lining the street.

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