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To be a “Woman”


A woman is one with her children, no matter the gender. 

 Yet, a man is only one with his son.  

A slight abhorrent connotation, noticeable for a woman, turned the other way for a man.  


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Societal limitations shape a woman before she gains her title as one.  

A daughter is pushed to the ground for playing a “boy sport” at recess.  

“That means he likes you.”  

What seems like a fine line between abuse and love, is now 

 tied with a bow in her mind.  


Normalization of gender discrimination,  

be “ladylike.”  

Raised to cross her legs, pull her skirt down, sit up straight, have a smile on, reprimanded if done otherwise. 

A woman is made to understand not to be understood.  


Her seething erupted like a final chance at salvation.  

“Young women should be seen not heard,”  

 Under judgements thumb, the discovery of a fixed persona came to light.  


In the hands of the people, lipstick on a pig was all she was. 

The realization of her fabricated reality struck when  

she began to reap what was sowed. 

 Mature eyes watched her every move.  


Always on alert 

Even a mundane trip to the mall, clutching a purse that smothered her body. 

 Is that man following me?  

Placing car keys into her palm; adjusting the metal in-between her fingers. 

 Its ok. He turned the corner.  

Once a target, she takes the stuffed animal keychain off her mirror  

Never again.  


A girl signs her life away and is given a ring as her prize.  

Beyond her own comprehension, the facade of freedom was all she had.  

Locked in a prison of male gaze. 

Doomed from the start 

Once a daughter now turned wife. 


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About the Contributor
Ayla Takekawa
Ayla Takekawa, Opinion Editor
Ayla Takekawa is a junior, and this is her second year on the Evergreen Magazine staff. She found herself taking another year of lit mag for her love of writing poems and conveying concepts through her pieces. Ayla enjoys the art of creation and is involved with an art class at Sequoyah. When she isn’t involved with school activities she loves to be out and about on her free days.

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