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To Believe in More


My life was plentiful; 

a riveting existence, 

an evocative memory, 

all imprinted on a reel of film 

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Frame by frame, 

they all flashed before me. 

A compilation of the zealous moments 

that encapsulated my existence 


Now, I decided my eternal fate. 

The rift expanded. 

As I feel my soul withdraw from my body,  


Each thought that created me 

and each moment that defined me, 

dissipated gracefully into thin air. 


I saw my cold, lifeless body lie there, 

and watched my entire life once more. 


As I said my serene goodbye, 

I immersed my body and my soul into the unknown, 

Already forgetting who I once was. 

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About the Contributor
Jess Ryan
Jess Ryan, Editor-in-Chief
Jess Ryan is a senior; and this is her third year on the Evergreen Magazine staff and her fourth year taking the journalism class. She decided to join this class because of her passion for writing and her love for the incredible atmosphere in the classroom. When she is not writing, she is modeling and spending time outdoors. 

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