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Trump Faces Indictment Charges for the Second Time

Sean Ferigan

           Former President Donald Trump has made American history by being the first former president to be indicted and face extensive criminal charges. Indictments occur when someone is formally accused of committing a crime. Following an indictment, official trials are held to determine if the person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  

           Trump has recently been charged with his fourth indictment, adding to the list of crimes he has been accused of throughout his presidency. Some of which include falsification of records, obstruction of justice, subversion, and an alleged attempt to overturn election results in his favor within the state of Georgia.  

           Trump has been one of the primary candidates representing the Republican party, and he often overruns his other competitors. However, the allegations he is currently facing may inhibit his ability to run in the upcoming election, and recent charges placed against him have raised questions regarding the validity of the statements. Along with the consequences that Trump would face, should he be found guilty. 

           As a result of the new charges against Trump, there have been a substantial number of individuals, on the political spectrum, talking about his recent indictment. A combination of his fourth indictment and past charges have resulted with increasing tensions among Democrats and Republicans. Especially because the 2024 election will be approaching soon. Some Democrats and Republicans have become strongly opinionated regarding this situation, as both parties believe certain truths regarding the cases against Trump.  

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           Despite some Republicans becoming passionate and heated there are some in the party that are on the fence regarding Trump’s recent situation. Although the majority of the Republican party supports Trump, some are not in agreeance with the crimes he’s been accused of.  

           In an article discussing the split reactions of Republicans regarding Trump’s Indictment, the news publication Aljazeera states “While many prominent Republicans have defended Trump, several others—including, most notably, former Vice President Mike Pence—have criticized the president.” 

           There are a considerable number of Republicans that stick by Trump’s side regardless of the charges placed against him; but, as shown in this article, there are powerful Republican individuals, such as Mike Pence, and Republican citizens not in office that disagree with Trump’s actions, and potentially believe that he should be held accountable. 

           Regarding the Democratic Party, a sizeable number of Democrats have reacted positively to this situation, as they feel as though Trump must be held accountable for his actions. The recent charges against Trump may also cause Democrats to discuss other individuals who they believe should or should not be President in the future. However, the conversation of who should or should not be President comes from Republicans too, with some Republicans arguing that President Biden should not be in control of our country and has committed crimes similar to Trump.  

           An article from the online news publication, Axious, discusses the Democratic response to Trump’s Indictment interviewed one House Democrat who stated, “The man threatens our democracy, actually put people’s lives at stake, undermines people’s confidence in our form of government … and could still get elected President again,” he said. “It’s a frightening time in our country.” 

           Trump’s fourth indictment has introduced a multiplicity of new conversations, ideas, and beliefs of what is right and wrong, and who truly has earned the job of running America. Both political parties have significant issues with both the former president, and the current president. However, some individuals are stuck in the middle of whom to support.  

           Therefore, Trump’s indictment may be a contributing factor that alters the beliefs or the votes of the American population, and these votes could determine the future of America.

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