Summer Vacation

The beams of light ricochet off the water 

onto my face. 

Laughter embraces me 

as my arms stride 

while racing my siblings across the pool. 

How I love summer. 


I take long walks around town, 

visit a local coffee shop, 

and talk with my friends until the sun goes down. 

How I love summer. 


A cool breeze dances around the trees, 

and their branches sway to the symphony.  

Fireworks go off in the distance, 

followed by laughter and cheers. 

How I love summer. 


Going to the store with my family,  

seeing school supplies decorating the shelves. 

And hearing my parents converse, 

something about back-to-school shopping, 

it all reminds me of summer. 

How I love sum— 


As all good things come to an end, so does summer.  

I love summer 

as it turns to autumn. 

As the leaves begin to drift off the trees and fall away, 

the wind picks up, 

the temperature drops. 


As autumn arrives, 

summer says, “Goodbye.” 

Then comes winter 

with spring right behind. 

Before I know it. 

summer is here yet again. 

How I love summer.